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Xiangdong Wang

Author:  Source:材料与机械工程学院  发布日期:2019-02-23


Prof. Xiangdong Wang

Prof. Xiangdong Wang, Ph.D2008.7, School of Material Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Professor, Secretary-General of the National Technical Committee on Plastic Products Standardization (SAC/TC48).


Professor Wang is mainly engaged in the research and development of polymeric foams, especially in polyolefin and polyester foams as well as supercritical fluid-assisted polymer processing and application. The foaming mechanisms for nucleation and growth, the novel foaming process and equipment and the co-blown foaming technique have been paid more attentions by Professor Wang in recent years. 



Professor Wang has undertaken more than 10 polymeric foam research projects on China National Key Science and Technology Project, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Beijing Natural Science Foundation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. More than 60 technical articles on polymer foaming have been published, 8 patents have been granted, and 4 books and 7 national and industrial standards for plastics foam have been published.