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Huiyu Xiang

Author:  Source:材料与机械工程学院  发布日期:2019-02-14



Prof. Huiyu Xiang                                           


Professor of the department of mechanical engineering


Email: xianghy@btbu.edu.cn


Prof. Xiang got Ph.d from Shandong Univ. in 2000, worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in the department of mechanical engineering in Tsinghua Univ. during 2001-2003. He was award with the young and middle-aged backbone teacher in municipal universities in Beijing in 2005. He is now a senior member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Association.






(1) Computer Aided Design and Engineering. CAD/CAE  in mechanical engineering  such as reverse engineering, mechanism simulation, and numerical simulation , especially for sheet metal forming die and process, plastic injection molding simulation and modeling with UG Nx , SolidEdge, MSC.Marc , Dynaform, Moldflow etc. and also excellent in software development with Visual C++, Python,Matlab and OpenGL.

(2) Image based measurement. Recent research interests include computer vision coordinate measurement techniques, and a two-eyed vision Coordinate measurement system has been developed, it was firstly applied to plastic strain measurement for sheet metal forming, which can measure the plastic strain distribution over a large area of auto-panel based on grid experimental method, the grid node coordinates calculate method and grid visualization approach is developed with Visual C++ and Open GL