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Hui Sun

Author:  Source:材料与机械工程学院  发布日期:2019-02-14




Prof. Hui Sun 


Beijing Technology and Business University


E-mail: sunhui@th.btbu.edu.cn


Polymer chemistry and physics


Polymeric materials from biomass, Engineering plastics, Polymer surface modification


Postdoctoral research fellow, North Carolina State University, University of Florida, USA (2007-2008)

Postdoctoral researcher (forskare), Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (2001-2005)

Ph.D. Jilin University, China (2001)

B.S. Jilin University, China (1990)

Other positions held

Convenor, ISO/TC61/SC11/WG12 (Working group of superabsorbent, Technical committee of plastics, International Organization for standardization, 2014-2018)

Member, SAC/TC48, China National Technical committee of plastic products, Standardization Administration of China, 2013-to date)

Selected publications

1.      Hui Shao, Hui Sun*, Biao Yang, Huijuan Zhang and Yu Hu, Facile and green preparation of hemicellulose-based film with elevated hydrophobicity via cross-linking with citric acid, RSC Adv., 2019,9, 2395-2401

2.      Hui Sun , Yi Luo , Biao Yang* , Huijuan Zhang , Jijun Huang, Non-isothermal crystallization of biopolyesters of poly(butylene succinate) formed via in-situ polymerization in presence of poly(vinyl butyral), Polymer, 2018,153:378-390

3.      ISO 19699- 1/2017: Superabsorbent polymer — Sodium polyacrylate resin for absorbing blood —Part 1: Test Methods (drafted in capacity as project leader and working group convenor)

4.      ISO 19699-2/2017: Superabsorbent polymer —Sodium polyacrylate resin for absorbing blood —Part 2: Specifications (drafted in capacity as project leader and working group convenor)