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NTSQP, was authorized by CNAL and AQSIQ according to ISO 17025has legal authority and the third party notarization. The products NTSQP gives test services on plastic film, pipes,profiles, geomaterials, foam, packing plastics, sheets, leathers, belts and degradable plastics, etc. NTSQP has been working with China National Standardization Technical Committee on Plastics Products (TC48), which is under the leadership of Standardization Administration of China (SAC) and China National Light Industry Council, in charge of proposal jurisdiction, establishment and revision of China national standard and professional standard for plastic products. NTSQP has advanced apparatus and elitist with excellent experience in testing, formulating standards. It can do the testing for clients according to international, national, industry and companies standards. NTSQP supplys the best service for the industry according to the following quality policy : “Scientific, Just, Exact, and Service”.

Biodegradability testing Lab, has legal authority and is the only lab in its field national wide. The lab has also gained the authorization from DIN CERTCO and singed mutual authentication agreements with American Biodegradable Plastics Institute and Japanese Biodegradable Plastics Association, making it an internationally authenticated lab.