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Industry Design

Industrial design is a new interdisciplinary base on innovation, which combines engineering, arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, focusing on industrial product, system and service. Beijing Technology and Business University established the industrial design major in 1994. With the support of Mechanical Engineering, the major orient to the demand of design talents of light industrial enterprises, and pay attention to new materials, new technology and technics. We have 6 full-time teachers, including 4 associate professor and 2 lecturers.

The aim of the major is to cultivate the general-purpose application-type special technical personnel with social responsibility, innovative spirit and practicing ability for satisfying the needs of economic and social development of the country particularly the capital in the 21st century. The graduates should be competent for industrial product design, considering the relationships of art form and color, function and structure, structure and material, product and environment, man and machine. They can work in the enterprises, professional design departments, research institutes engaged in product design, structure design, and interaction design.