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China Plastics(Journal)


Journal of CHINA PLASTICS was created in 1987, authorized and approved by The State Committee of Science and Technology of China and The Bureau of News Press of China, published by The China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Beijing Technology and Business University  and The Institute of Plastics Processing and Application of Light Industry, distributed worldwide.

Now it has become a leading magazine in plastics industry in China, a national Chinese core journal and journal of Chinese scientific and technological article statistics. It is covered by CA and CSCD.

It is published monthly and issued on the 26th of each month.

China National United Number is CN11-1846, International Standard Serial Number is ISSN 1001-9278.   


1. FORUM: Discussion on the development, policy and technologies of plastics industry.
2. REVIEW: Progress in the new technologies, materials and market analysis in recent years, dealing with the latest achievements and trends in the industry.

3MATERIALS’PROPERTIES: Advances in innovative and modified polymers ,blends and composites, etc..
4. PPROCESSING AND APPLICATION: Developments of advanced processing techniques and conditions of plastics and conversion technologies.
5.ADDITIVES: Presentation of latest development and application of additives.
6. STANDARD AND TESTING: Introduction to the newest plastics standards, testing equipment and methods.
7. PLASTICS AND ENVIRONMENT: Dealing with the plastics recycling techniques and machinery and influences of plastics on the environment.

8. MACHINERY AND MOULD: Focus on manufacturing techniques of plastics machinery.

For more details, please visit the website: www.plaschina.com.cn.