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   The college of Materials and Mechanical Engineering has strong faculty team. Through the development for over 50 years, the college has formed a discipline building team with high comprehensive quality and reasonable structure in the age, educational background, academic title, and specialization. Currently there are 104 faculty members in the college. Among them, there are 69 teachers, 13 professors and 29 associate professors. And 50 teachers have PhD degrees.

   The college consists of the department of Materials Science and Engineering, the department of Mechanical Engineering, the department of Packaging Engineering, the department of Industrial Design, the institute of plastics process and application for light industry, and practice center and so on. The institute affiliate includes National Plastics Quality Monitoring and Testing Center (Beijing), National Plastics Standardization Technical Committee, National Plastics Processing Information Center, National Plastics Educational and Training Base, and the host for the magazine of China Plastics.

     Featured with specialization of food packaging materials and food machinery, the college can award the Master's degree in two first-class disciplines - Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Materials Process Engineering (second-class discipline) is Beijing key-built discipline, Mechanical Design & Theory (second-class discipline) is BTBU key-built discipline. The discipline feature is distinct in research areas of food packaging polymer materials, food machinery and so on.

    The college provides four undergraduate majors - Polymer Materials & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Packaging Engineering, and Industrial design. The major of Polymer Materials & Engineering is Beijing municipal featured major.

    The college sticks to the principle of developing professionals, and facilitates quality education actively, and works hard to cultivate the student's innovative spirit and practical ability. The employment rate of graduates is kept to be over 98%, and the rate of entering postgraduate programs has been more than 20% for many years, and these rates rank the top of all colleges at BTBU. Every year, there is always some percentage of graduates in the college who are recommended to enter postgraduate programs directly.

    The conditions of teach and research are very good, and experimental instrument and equipment are complete. The total value of all instrument and equipment is over 100 million RMB, and among them, there are over 200 pieces or units whose single value is over 100 thousand RMB. The level of instrument and equipment is advantageous among the same type of universities in China. The instrument and equipment can provide strong support to the college for teaching, discipline development, scientific research and serving the society.

    The college has been working on many nation and province/ministry level scientific research projects including National Scientific Funding and Beijing Scientific Funding and so on. The college has broad connection and cooperation with related industry. The annual research funding of the college ranks in the secondary place among all colleges at BTBU.