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Polymer Material and Engineering

   Polymer Science and Engineering belongs to the first level discipline “Materials Science and Engineering”, mainly covering design, preparation, structure, processing and characterization. This major was found in 1991, and had master's degree awarded under “Materials Processing Engineering” (second level discipline) in 1997, which was promoted as the first level discipline in 2010. In 2008, “Materials Processing Engineering” became one of the key disciplines in Beijing. In addition, this major is the test unit of practice research “Personnel Training Mode in 21st Century” (Ministry of Education). The teaching achievements won the second prize of Teaching Achievement Prize.

   This major aims to foster well-developed, compound and applied talents with innovative spirit and practical capability, including morality, intelligence, physical health and art, to adapt to the economic construction and social development requirements of the 21st Century, especially for the capital’s economic construction and social developmental requirements. Students are expected to be the talents with strong sense of social responsibility, creation and practical skills. They have the based theory of polymer material and research ability so that they can find their positions in scientific research, technology development, product and equipment design, produce and management in the field of polymer materials.