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Packaging Engineering


Packaging Engineering is an interdisciplinary technical science, which includes designs, materials, technics, equipment, storage, transportation, detection, sales of packaging, and technical, management, legal matters of package processing, etc. The major of Packaging Engineering was initially established in 2000 in Beijing Technology and Business University, which could date back to the major of Light Industry Machinery created in 1958. An excellent teaching and scientific research system is formed based on the profound subject foundation, well-appointed teaching and experimental instruments and equipment. Nowadays, it has 6 full-time professional faculty, including 1 professor and 5 assistant professors, in which 5 are PhDs, 3 possess experiences of studying abroad, and 2 own postdoctoral research experiences.

The Bachelor of Science degree in packaging is geared to the needs of construction of modern packaging engineering. It prepares students for full development in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetics education to meet the needs of national economic construction and social development, especially in the capital, in the 21st century. Graduates of this program are rewarded with highly social responsibility, full of innovative spirit and practical ability. They gain generous theoretical basis of packaging engineering, systematic design theories and methods of modern packaging and the techniques of packaging processes and equipment. They are positioned advantageously for being interdisciplinary compound and application-oriented advanced engineers. Graduates of this program are led to rewarding careers in package design such as sales, transport and food packages design, package manufacturing, quality detection, research and development, packaging production and management and so on. Or further study can be carried out overseas by the students to pursue a higher degree such as M.S. or Ph.D. degree.